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C60live Update

Phil Catalano, Former NASA Engineer, and Max Champie


Recently, for an edition of Magna Wave’s Thursday afternoon wellness webinars, Magna Wave CEO Pat Ziemer was fortunate to have the pleasure of interviewing Live Longer Labs C60live creator Max Champie, along with Phil Catalano and special guest Dr. Loretta Ivory.  Check out this C60live update exclusive.

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It’s Not Cut Out as a Lubricant but Something Else Entirely

Phil Catalano, former NASA engineer, and Max Champie were recruited for a think-tank.  That’s how they started working together. During that time, Max was sent to California to help a company in developing the final stages of their refrigerant. He was looking for a lubristic attribute to make their refrigerant slicker, when he came across a nanoparticle carbon (C60) and started playing with the idea that it could be consumed. That’s when Phil and Max began talking about C60.

Then Max received word that his mother had developed early-stage Alzheimer’s and was having problems. His family was faced with the need to hire a full-time nurse. While researching how to incorporate C60 into the refrigerant, Max ran across some data from Europe (studies conducted on rats) using C60. At the time he put the research aside because it didn’t have value for a refrigerant.

But Max soon revisited those findings. Within 30 days he returned to Colorado with a C60 product, trying it out on both himself and his mother. “She and I started a protocol of it. Within 90 days she was driving. She even got her driver’s license back. Keep in mind this was at age 88,” says Champie. “Within a hundred and twenty days she threw away her reading glasses then retook her driver’s license without them; for the first time since she was 42. She not only passed the test, but she had the requirement of wearing glasses lifted from her driver’s license.”

What is C60

Let’s See What We Can Do!

Inspired by the results, Phil and Max created Live Longer Labs. Then the duo began conducting research to create the product. Initially, they were doing it for friends and family. It wasn’t meant to be a commercial application… until people started showing up at their door.


A Chance Meeting

Magna Wave CEO Pat Ziemer, met Max at a trade show, the two chatted, then Pat began taking C60live (in June). In July, Pat went for a physical. The doctor looked at his blood work and told him he was borderline diabetic and his blood looked the same way it had for years.

But when Pat went back in October for a follow-up, the doctor pulled out his bloodwork and said, “It’s perfect, I’ve not seen your blood work look like this in ten years!” The only thing Pat could think of that he’d done differently was beginning his C60live regimen.


C60live Update: What Are Telomeres?

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about telomeres? What are they and how does C60live affect them?

A: Telomeres are the end of your DNA strand. “They’re like shoelaces that are encapsulated in plastic,” Champie describes. “If your shoelaces come out of the plastic your shoelaces are done. As these telomere links break off over a period of time that’s called your Hayflick Limit.”

When telomeres break off to a point, the actual DNA will die. That’s part of the aging process. Science has come up with a reasonable belief that the longer the telomeres are, the longer your chance of living. This is because the actual DNA strand has a barrier at the end.

One of the individuals that took a telomere test, his name is John. He’s one of the owners of Pure Bella Vita (the company that handles C60live orders and shipments). John and Max hypothesized that the removal of oxidative stress from the system was affecting the mitochondria in a way that may lengthen telomeres.

John took a telomere test after he’d been taking C60live for one year. His results (from a third party) were so astounding they re-ran the test twice to verify. The findings showed he had a 107% chance of making it to one-hundred-years-old based on telomere textures.

“You can look at the aspect of the product,” says Champie, “increasing your telomeres, which potentially increases your ability to live longer and be younger. It’s more about quality of life. You don’t want to be a hundred years old and not know who you are, or be able to feed yourself, or go the bathroom.”

It was more important to Max, not so much to extend his mother’s life, but to give her quality of life. His mother is now 92, lives by herself, drives a car, and shops on her own.


C60live Update: Macular Degeneration

Dr. Loretta Ivory sat down to explain first-hand not only her experience with C60live but what exactly Macular Degeneration is.

Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of blindness across the world in people aged over 50 or 60. It’s progressive and it’s incurable. There’s two different kinds of macular degeneration, most people have dry macular degeneration in which you get a buildup of metabolic waste. The worst kind is called wet macular degeneration. That’s when there isn’t enough oxygen in the eye so it grows new blood vessels, but the blood vessels aren’t healthy and they leak or rupture and bleed, which will lead to blindness.

Dr. Ivory was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration about seven years ago. Frustrated with the diagnosis, she began searching PubMed, and reviewing clinical trials.gov looking for breakthroughs. There were none. Everything she found directed her to take vitamins, specifically lycopene, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin which are antioxidants.

What is ARMD with C60

Then Phil Catalano introduced her to Max Champie and C60live.

Dr. Ivory met Max in October, he recommended she begin taking a bottle of C60live a week. He recommended this dosage because the frequency and amount would increase her oxidative stress removal content and she’d start breaking even with homeostasis then her body could start healing.

As Max recommended, Dr. Ivory began taking an entire bottle a week. In November she had an OCT, Ocular computerized tomography; pictures of the inside of the macula the eye. The really big lumps of waste were gone. Since then she’s continued her regimen and her condition continues to improve.


C60live Update: Magna Wave PEMF Therapy and Live Long Labs C60live

One of the topics Max and Pat have discussed is his experience with Magna Wave PEMF equipment, which enhances the oxygenation of the blood. They’ve talked about how the blood is better able to take up more oxygen and better utilize it to heal itself, and to improve blood flow through the body.

Q: How well do you think C60live and Magna Wave PEMF therapy work together?

A (Ivory): I would think that that is a very complementary aspect of what you’re getting with the C60live. Lack of oxygenation, for example high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes (the leading cause of non-traumatic amputation in the United States) both are oxygen related. Getting oxygen profusion of the tissues is really critical.

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C60live Update: Impact on Athletes

Q: When we look at it from the aspect of a younger person to maintain, certainly their telomeres, homeostasis and health are good, but what about an athlete? Tell us about the potential impact on athletes?

A: There are athletes already taking C60live. We have Division One athletes, Olympic athletes, pro athletes that play for a local pro sports club. We even have a golfer. Most of them take a minimum of a bottle of week. These athletes report that they can go to the weight room, or do a workout, two times a day, when before their body couldn’t stand going once a day. The word is spreading in that group that C60live is changing their recovery time. The best part is that C60live is not a performance-enhancing drug, because it’s not enhancing anything. All C60live does is give you a better recovery rate, because of the homeostasis that’s created by having it in your body.

Magna Wave for Athletes


C60live Update: The Unasked Question

Q: What is it that people don’t ask you or don’t think about that they should when it comes to C60live?

A: They think it’s a solution, that it’s a miracle cure all. That’s not the case. C60live is a mathematical equation. If you put one in oxidative stress and one out C60live then you’re breaking even. If you put in one in oxidative stress you put two C60live now you’ve got one towards homeostasis and you’re starting to tip the scale.

Let’s say you get C60live and you take a bottle of it hoping your eye will heal. You take a bottle a week for six weeks and your eye doesn’t heal… But all of a sudden, you’re running up and down the stairs! When before you couldn’t because of your arthritis. But you’re still saying, my eye hasn’t healed! The body is prioritizing everything that it sees fit to correct. Eventually it’ll get to your eye, but it may not be at the top of the list. When people don’t ask this question, they don’t take it consistently and so they don’t get the results.


Is there a Loading Dose?

A: Everyone is different. The factors are different, is there stress at work, do you drink crummy fluorinated water, do you eat crappy foods with plastic simulated cheese? It’s an input-output thing. The more you put in oxidative stress you’ve got to compensate it with C60live or you’re losing ground.


Is there a Maintenance Point?

Q: If a person’s blood levels continue to remain normal and they’re currently taking four droppers of C60live twice a day, could they cut back to one, or once a day, to see if those results are maintained?

A: My thoughts are, that as you collect more birthdays you’re putting more opportunity for oxidative stress on your body. Mostly because of the toxic environment that we live in now, from the air we breathe to the water we drink. As we collect more birthdays, there’s greater opportunity for damage. It seems to me that maintaining the dosage might be a good idea, until we get more clinical data.


C60live and Research

Q: There’s a lot of research out there. Can you give us a little background on how you’ve participated with the research on C60live and where you’re going with it?

A: I can’t name all of the institutes at this time. But think the top Cancer Institute in Houston, or the Cleveland Heart Clinic, a cardiologist there is using it in blood research. We have the lead doctor from Argentina, putting C60live in clinical trials in their psychiatric hospital. We’ve got a lot going on that we can’t divulge because we’re doing things to quantify our results.

Magna Wave Clinical Trials


C60live Update: C60live and Animals

Q: How about C60live and pets, let’s talk about dogs.

A: One of my dogs has lupus and also has cataracts, I’ve been giving it to him. It’s been clearing up considerably. I’m continuing to give it to my dogs, they are 11 and 12 years old and behave like puppies.


Q: What about dosage in small animals?

A: That’s another variable. The standard dosing practices don’t apply here. It’s all based on oxidative stress. I can tell you that you can put it on food and let’s say big dogs or medium sized dogs, about 45 pounds they might get a dropper full in their food, both in the morning and in the evening meal.

Magna Wave for Veterinarians


Q: What’s the application for a horse?

A: A horsewoman I know says she gives half a bottle to her horse every week.

How Magna Wave Works for Horses


C60live Update: Zero Toxicity

According to studies conducted on rats, there was no toxicity involved at any level with C60. Even at hundreds of times what should be considered a toxic dose there doesn’t seem to be one. There’s no toxicity involved. If the body doesn’t need it, the body just eliminates it.

Mr. Champie took two ounces a day for six weeks and once he reached a saturation point he didn’t see any gain but experienced nothing harmful.

“Where we go from here I don’t know,” says Champie. “There are no long-term trials, but I’ve been taking it myself since early 2011-2012 and I take high doses. I even use it topically, on my face for example. I’ve seen a reduction in wrinkles of probably 60% or 70%. Even my doctor freaks out.”


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